Why iCaucus

Did you ever wonder why your representatives campaign one way, then govern another way?  Do you believe your political party of choice is accurately reflecting your values?  If you could get the “Karl Rove” type of consultants out of political control of your party and/or to stop influencing your candidates, would you?  Do you believe your political party accurately vets your candidates prior to their endorsement? Do you really know the candidates you are voting for?  Do you trust your party to select the best candidates?  Were you satisfied with the choices you had in the 2012 election?  Did you hold your nose to vote for the "lesser of two evils?”  

These are the issues iCaucus effects through citizen involvement, in the entire electoral process.  iCaucus is a proven path to electoral and accountability success when implemented correctly. 

If your representatives are ignoring you, voting for bigger government and against your best interests, you can primary throw them out!  You can hold your representatives fully accountable for their actions in office if you first make them commit to limited government, fiscal responsibility and adherence to the US Constitution.

Work with like minded people in your community to find the best candidates and get them elected.  You've already learned you can't trust your party to select the best candidates, nor does the party hold them accountable! BUT YOU CAN! 

iCaucus effectively changes the entire electoral process through citizen involvement. iCaucus is a proven path to electoral and accountability success when implemented correctly. 

Why is iCaucus Effective?

Through iCaucus members and affiliate groups, volunteers begin by working together to bring any and all candidates running for an office into the endorsement process. This process begins with a vetting process similar to what you, as a citizen go through for prospective employment. After all, our representatives are supposed to be working for us, right?  

There is a questionnaire framed as commitments to their constituents they will govern according to constitutional, fiscal, and limited government principles in addition to ethics. They must score 70% or higher in order to progress in the process. If the candidates are not incumbents, they must agree to a background check.  We, as citizens, need to know our candidates and any issues that may have arisen in their past.  When the background check is complete, they move on to a citizen-led interview with 3-5 of their constituents where they are required to give transparent, complete answers you won't normally get in public forums.  When all information is posted to the website for that particular race, you, the citizen will instantly see their scores, listen to the interview, have the ability to bring additional information out and ask additional questions of the candidates. You converse with others in your district and then you vote on who you would like to endorse.  This is the difference between iCaucus and most other endorsement processes. As a voter, you decide.

Once endorsed through iCaucus, all members and affiliate group members work together for the election of their endorsed candidates. We are the boots on the ground and across the internet.  What this means is no more splitting the vote and allowing the wrong people to become elected. It also means you now have a national organization behind you when you need to hold your representative accountable, effectively bringing our electoral system back to where it belongs, back to We, the People. 

Between elections, we monitor activity of our elected officials at all levels of government. We track votes of all representatives for the purpose of the citizens determining who will need to be replaced at the next election cycle.  If the iCaucus endorsed representatives also show they are not governing as they committed to, you have the ability to expose them during their tenure in office as well as determine disciplinary actions up to and including the removal of your endorsement. In addition, you will be able to effectively remove them from office in the next election cycle.

iCaucus Needs You!

The iCaucus process is only as strong as you, the citizens are, through your valuable involvement in this process. We need you today!  Vetting has already begun in many states.  New candidates are registering daily for the citizen-led endorsement for the upcoming 2014 elections. Please join and volunteer to take back our elections and our country!

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  • commented 2013-12-28 14:37:33 -0500
    Thank you
  • commented 2013-11-07 12:48:22 -0500
    You bet! Gloves off.
  • commented 2013-11-07 11:37:26 -0500
    Well this shows the established GOP hand and what will becoming in the next few months, as the GOP is fighting to keep control.
    One good thing that did come out of this race is the GOP fell far short of what their GOAL was, the race was very close and that’s not what the GOP wanted.
    The GOP is really afraid of what the “Conservative Movement” can do to them. I saw we meet the “Head On” and we take the “Fight” to their “Door Step”, they will never know what hit them.
  • commented 2013-11-07 11:20:30 -0500
    If you don’t want more of THIS, you need to re-discover how our Founders wanted us to choose our representatives: iCaucus takes the money and special interests out of it and re-engages our citizenry: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/11/05/Eric-Cantor-s-ex-chief-of-staff-helped-Terry-McAuliffe-beat-Ken-Cuccinelli

    Find out more at www.icaucuslorg
  • commented 2013-07-22 20:31:55 -0400
    Do you feel strongly that we are sometimes derailed by the politicians that are presented to us? Why doesn’t this bother the “low information voters”? It is so important to get to know the politicians that we vote in. iCaucus allows you to not only get to know them but begin the process that makes them accountable to us. Where was the way lost, whereby we longer “required” our candidates to be our “representative”. They have become accountable to those persons or groups with big money. Come join iCaucus and learn how you can take “Big Money” out of the equation, making candidates and then politicians accountable to us and those that they are supposed to represent. You can be a very important member of an organization that is dedicated to taking back this control and supporting those candidates that are committed to these tenets. We can’t do it without you but we can if you join and commit to be active. This is an organization that requires action. Let us show you how you can become active and have a great time doing it. It isn’t difficult, it just requires that you start. Come join us now.
  • commented 2013-07-21 17:26:07 -0400
    Come join the ICaucus “Accountability Train Ride” become an ICaucus citizen passenger and help in;
    • Citizen-led interview of their constituents “Vetting Candidates”.
    • Fundraising for your Candidate.
    • Be a writer for the Team.
    • Monitor activity of our elected officials.
    • Work with like-minded passengers on the community train to find the best candidates.
    • Become a Team Conductor of your Train in our State.
  • commented 2013-07-21 14:02:42 -0400
    Well from one who has been with the organization since 2008/2009 can not tell you all what pleasure it has been and what a hell of a life experience it has been. I guess what I really enjoy in the whole vetting process is the interviews, the of of preparing questions to ask the candidates and then analyzing them and knowing in your heart that you are helping get a candidate elected. So to all my friends and group leaders come join in on the fun.