iCaucus Volunteer Agreement

We would like to thank you for volunteering to participate in our pioneering political organization for actively involved citizens. As an iCaucus Volunteer you are committing to be a part of our family; with this comes both respect and responsibility. We have a structured national organization with specific goals which you will work to help make achievable. We ask that you take your commitment seriously by learning your role and responsibilities and executing them to the best of your ability.

Our organization strives to vet and support principled candidates who will represent "We the People." These candidates are held to a higher moral and ethical standard than those who do not pass our vetting process. We seek the same standards for our organization?s volunteers.

Please review the iCaucus Volunteer Agreement.

If you can uphold these 10 commitment points, please click the check box "I Agree to iCaucus Volunteer Agreement" and submit this registration.

I Commit to:

1. Review all training and job description manuals pertaining to my responsibility.

2. Address all unresolved issues and questions to the appropriate department leader or director, only. (You are welcome to bring concerns to any of the national directors, but taking discrepancies to outside organizations will be seen as breaking the confidentiality conferred to you as a Volunteer.)

3. Maintain my responsibilities in a timely manner, and notify the team leader if I have any time constraints or am unable to fulfill my responsibilities assigned in the designated time frame.

4. Be a team player within my department and maintain regular communication with the team.

5. Work in the Department assigned within the defined parameters; bring all suggestions and ideas to the attention of the Team Leaders for review and approval.

6. Attend all meetings required by the Department Lead to stay up to date and informed as well as working in a united
direction. If I am unable to attend a meeting I will notify the appropriate person.

I will not miss more than 5 meetings in a year. If meetings are scheduled on a day or time that I am unavailable. I will commit to reviewing the meetings through recordings and provide a notification that I have reviewed the meeting and include any questions I may have.

7. Follow all iCaucus policies of conduct.

8. Be a part of the iCaucus social network (iTeams), to promote in a positive manner the function of our organization.

9. All information, education, training received through iCaucus will stay with iCaucus. I understand that I will receive proprietary information and agree to keep this information within the organization.

10. Conduct myself in a manner that is a positive reflection on iCaucus. I will not create dissention within the iCaucus
organization, nor will I undermine the efforts of iCaucus within the organization or outside of the organization.

Do you agree to abide by the iCaucus Volunteer Agreement?