Facts Behind Policy Cancellations

Mr. Tucker, the Author of this article is being recognized as an expert on the effects and regulations of the Affordable Care Act. His information is factual and contains documents pertaining to the issues.  We have obtained his permission to provide some of this information on our website.  

Recently, President Obama made the statement implying that the reason so many healthcare plans were being cancelled across the United States is because they were somehow "substandard plans" and would be replaced by better ones.  Mr. Tucker clearly and accurately lays out the evidence that once again, we are receiving erroneous information.  This information is important for everyone to know and share with those you care about.  

Excerpt from article:

After President Obama was forced to finally admit that he was not telling the truth when he promised repeatedly “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. No one will take it away from you, period.” The latest ‘spin’ from the president  is “most people can keep their plans and those who lose them will be getting a better plan for a lower price to replace the substandard plan they have now” from the ‘old market‘. A market that HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius referred to as ‘The Wild West‘. As if the current individual and family market is some wild unregulated market where consumers can be abused by unscrupulous carriers offering ‘skinny‘ or ‘shoddy‘ plans. Nothing could be further from the truth. The evidence below will prove that the president is lying to the American people once again.

Below I will link actual policy termination letters from four of my existing clients who hold individual health insurance policies from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. The last names and policy numbers have been redacted in order to protect the privacy of these clients per 1996 HIPAA law.

Click here to download Stephen’s Obamacare termination letter.
Click here to download Robert’s Obamacare termination letter.
Click here to download Kathleen’s Obamacare termination letter.
Click here to download Michael’s Obamacare termination letter.

When you review their current health insurance policy outlines of coverage. Tell me, do these plans look like ‘unregulated plans‘ from a market similar to the ‘Wild West‘? Are these ‘skinny’ plans or ‘substandard plans’?

Please note that each of these policies offer 100% coverage for in network covered charges after an aggregate ‘common family’ deductible has been satisfied. The size of each of their family deductibles is listed in their current outlines of coverage, also included in each PDF document.

Worse yet, these health plans that are being canceled now are NON “Grandfathered” plans. These are health plans that have nothing to do with the “Grandfathered clause” that the president says he included in Obamacare which would allow people to ‘keep their plans’ if they were purchased beforeObamacare was passed on March 23, 2010. These plans were purchased afterMarch 23, 2010. In other words, NON “Grandfathered” plans. These are plans that HHS required insurers to redesign as of 9/23/2010 and then sell to consumers under Obamacare. These plans already include 9 out of the 10 ‘Essential Health Benefits‘ including the policy design changes listed below that were mandated as of 9/23/10. This means they are NOT substandard plans and they are also not ‘grandfathered’ plans.

More of the article by C. Steven Tucker HERE or at www.truthaboutobamacare.com

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