In view of the revelations occurring surrounding the IRS targeting conservative organizations, the Executive Board of iCaucus wishes to clarify our status, filings, and website security for our members, affiliates and candidates. We have received several questions regarding this issue as organizations are beginning to speak out concerning access that was requested to the back end of their websites and the information that may have been obtained by the Federal government.

Due to the mission and focus of iCaucus and a sincere desire to ensure the security of our members, affiliates, donors, and candidates' information the organization has never sought a not for profit tax exemption. iCaucus is a “Private, Non-Profit Corporation” filed in Wyoming. We are not tax exempt. The only records we supply to the IRS are our tax forms.

What does this mean? This means that if our donations are larger than our expenditures, we pay taxes just like any other corporation. Our information remains intact and does not get reported to anyone within the Federal Government. We have been told many times in the past that we should become tax exempt in order to receive more donations. We have resisted this due to our concerns that we already have an overreaching government. It appears we made the correct decision for our citizen-led organization in view of the recent revelations.

Our website is hosted by an organization that not allow access by any entity (including the government). We need to protect not only our proprietary processes but also all information given to us by those candidates who go through our process. We want our future candidates, endorsed candidates, endorsed incumbents, iCaucus members, Affiliate Group members and donors to know their information is secure and cannot be accessed by hackers, government agencies or hackers working for government agencies. iCaucus cannot be threatened by the IRS or other government agencies to provide them access to our website.

We thank each and every one of you for your dedication, donations, participation, and concerns. Without all of you, we would not know success. Know that we strive to ensure your protection as well.

The iCaucus Executive Board