What Does the Ukraine and Russia Have To Do With Iran?


As we have seen over the past few days, the entire situation all-over the world has taken a negative turn. United States and Europe is waking up to the nightmare of Russian invasion of Ukraine. And we will not see the end of it for a long time to come. Our Western politicians have been asleep for quite some time now. While, they are waking up gradually, there are few important things that they need to consider immediately and that is the topic of Iran to the advantage of Iranian people.

Iran was a strong friend of the West and as long as the Pahlavis were in Iran, the whole world and particularly the Persian Gulf region, and the Middle East were stable and to the advantage of the West. But what did we do? The short-sighted Carter administration started its game quite few years before the so-called Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran to overthrow the strongest ally of the West; namely, the Shah of Iran. And Carter is proud of it too and says that people have to thank me for the next 50 years not seeing the consequences of his deeds that he perhaps set in motion the Third World War if not the explosion of the entire Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of people have been tortured and killed as a direct result of Carter’s actions in Iraq, Syria, Iran, etc. Can someone give a name to these actions please?  

Why did Carter, the English, the Germans, the French, the Russians, AND even the Chinese planed the Islamic revolution and had their last meeting in Guadeloupe dividing Iran and its wealth among themselves? (Refer to the book of Dr. Haghighi, I am not sure that there is an English translation, you can attain the book by calling the Iran Aryaee TV) [By the way, I would like to ask all Iranian-Americans who love their country(ies) to support the Iran Aryaee TV financially in these difficult times!]

Because the Shah of Iran did not want to renew the oil contracts in 1979 with the Western oil companies which were only to the advantage of the West and not Iranian people, they started immediately to plan his overthrow years before the Islamic revolution making use of England’s servants such as Khomeini.
The interest should have been and should be mutual and both parties should understand that; it is then that we have a stable world. Unfortunately, the West, and particularly, the oil companies and England have always their own interest in mind and not what the consequences for everyone in the world could be. For hundreds of years, British oil companies in particular have been plundering and robbing Iran’s oil and people’s wealth without the slightest regards and consideration for humanity and human rights. Take a look at the history of every single nation in this world. Behind every misery in the world is the English man. They still follow that policy among others through BBC Persian. The entire world still does not care much about Iranian people who are being tortured and hanged on the streets of all towns in Iran. In Islamic prisons all over Iran, girls, women, boys, men and even senior citizens, both men and women are being raped and killed, and the West is silent. Just imagine every 7 minutes; a person in Iran is hanged. These are all young people who are fighting and are against the Mullah regime in Iran. I am a person, who has lost family members in Islamic prisons under rape and torture.
Obama says: we don’t intend to meddle in Islamic regime’s internal affairs. Really? Have you done anything other than that in the past?
Has anybody heard about what was decided in the meetings of 5 plus one and that kind of nonsense? Why were those meeting not open to the public in front of the reporters? Behind the closed doors, they still are planning how to divide Iran and who gets what from Iran’s wealth, oil and gas not knowing that they get absolutely nothing by the time Russia is done with its plans.
The majority of Islamic regime’s functionaries if they are not the servants of British government like the former president Rafsanjani, are Russia’s servant. KGB has trained the torturers of the Islamic regime and teaching them how to kill people when there are uprisings. Russia has Iran in its stomach and is digesting it piece by piece. We need to get Iran out of Russia’s stomach!
All politicians of the West, you need to reconsider your inhumane policies towards Iran. Know that the Iran is extremely important to Russia as it is to you and it has always been like that for centuries. All you need to do is to read a few history books what kind of crimes both Russia and England have committed in Iran. Millions of Iranian people were starved and killed during the First World War (exactly half the population) next to being raped by Russians.

History is repeating itself. We Iranians understand that you think of your own interests in regard to oil, that is your right, but on the other hand, if there is a revolution in Iran against the Islamic regime; people who want to look after their own interest and country, you have absolutely no right trying to neutralize and defeat that movement which you have been doing up until now.
If the American people are not aware of the importance of Iran and what you are doing there, we are and you politicians are very well aware of the fact as how important Iran is for the West and what kinds of mistakes you have done in regard to Iran with your wrong policies. Iranian people are awake. They know what is going on and what you are doing. They are still on the side of the West; there is still a chance to have an entire nation as you friend and ally, DO NOT mess up this chance. If you mess up one more time the uprisings of Iranian people to overthrow the Islamic Republic and with that Islam in Iran forever, know that you have lost Iran forever and never again will any Iranian trust any Westerner be it English or American or German, etc. 

Believe me, you have no other choice; sooner or later, you come to this conclusion that YOU need to stop thinking about your insatiable greed and be on the side of Iranian people against the Islamic Regime. That is to the advantage of the entire West and people of the United States. That is your only way out; namely, to get the Iranians’ trust again and to have a strong Iran with a democratic government, a free people who decide their own future and who have total control over their own oil, gas, and wealth. Only then can the West stop Russia’s progress towards Persian Gulf and access to Western Interests. You want to stop Russia before it swallows the whole West? Support the nationalistic Iranian revolution against the Mullahs’ Regime without any conditions. Do whatever you can to be on the side of the Iranian people and destroy the Mullah’s Regime and Islam in Iran. That is what 95 % of the Iranian people want. We want to be able to breath in our own country. We are the descendants of Cyrus the Great who created the human rights thousands of years ago.

Do not fall into the Russian traps. Do you think that it is a coincident that these ridiculous Mullahs have sent two war ships to international waters? Do you think, it is a coincident that Cuba sends a warship to Venezuela right in front of American eyes? All of these acts are direct orders from Russia to make the United States attack Iran and bomb Iran. Russia want to keep the US busy in this manner so it can do whatever it wants. If you attack and bomb Iran you have sent the greatest blessing to the Mullahs, because this is exactly what they want. They do anything in their power so that a third party attacks them so that they can say you see: we are at war. That way they consolidate their power which they do not have at the moment and continue to kill all Iranian freedom fighters. Do not fall into Russian traps!

If only you would support the Iranian people instead of the Islamic murderers and not neutralize our movements and uprisings and feed the Iranian people lies, the whole world would be a better place for us as well as for you. We will do it single-handedly if you would just be honest.
I in turn and as an Iranian American want my Queen Farah Diba Pahlavi and my Prince and my future Shahanshah back in Iran. Only then can the world be a peaceful place again.

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  • commented 2014-03-03 16:07:32 -0500

    It is also clear that, as Anatoliy Golitsyn warned in his classic work “The Perestroika Deception,”30 the essential security structures which linked the USSR to its satellites in Central and Eastern Europe remain intact. The West is sitting on its collective brains! Who was participating in the huge military and airborne exercise in the course of which a Ukrainian missile shot down a Russian airliner packed with Russian Israelis, in early October? Answer: “Other former [Soviet] Central Asian and East European nations,” and “Russia’s own Air Force Commander was in attendance”31 32 – that is to say, was in command of the land, sea and air maneuvers, billed as the largest in Ukraine’s history. Separately, President Putin told the visiting (covert Communist) Polish President Alexander Krasniewski on 15th October in Moscow that “the ties between our countries have been preserved and are expanding.” This is in precise conformity with Golitsyn’s prediction – that the disintegration of the Eastern Bloc was fundamentally cosmetic and that essential security links have been retained and were to be enlarged; although note that Putin did not qualify the word “ties,” implying that all ties “have been preserved and are expanding.” The West is blind to all this.https://web.archive.org/…/www…/SovietAnalyst.htm
  • commented 2014-03-03 16:06:31 -0500
    Here is some history for those of you who don’t know much about Russia/Soviets created the crisis we are living under in today’s world. https://web.archive.org/…/www…/SovietAnalyst.htm