North Carolina Citizens Endorse for U.S. Senate 2014!

The citizens of North Carolina voted overwhelmingly to endorse Dr. Greg Brannon for their U.S. Senate Candidate for the 2014 election cycle!  Winning 100% of the ballots cast, Dr. Brannon has unified support for his candidacy throughout the state


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  • commented 2013-12-25 21:28:49 -0500
    Ms. Bailey,
    You, and iCaucus as an organization, evidently are totally incompetent which fits with this pathetically corrupt “endorsement”. As a recognized Activist in NORTH CAROLINA political circles, I can tell you that this “endorsement” has caused iCaucus to now be seen as an illegitimate joke in the State of North Carolina and has created a situation for all REAL Patriots in this fine State to recommend to any serious candidate for elective office in this State to reject any and all contact by iCaucus. How any group would be both arrogant AND ignorant enough to express an “endorsement” of ANY candidate six months prior to the filing period for ANY elective office in the State of North Carolina only magnifies your level of incompetence and ignorance of process and serves as a direst insult to the intelligence of ALL North Carolina Voters. I personally will encourage any and all candidates I come in contact with to NOT participate in ANY ICaucus activities and I know many of my fellow Patriots will do the same. iCaucus has been a factor in its last election in the State of North Carolina. Good riddance,
  • commented 2013-12-25 14:52:34 -0500
    Thank you
  • commented 2013-08-17 00:20:41 -0400
    Mr. Smith, first our records reflect you are in South Carolina, so if you are actually in North Carolina please update your profile accurately for the purposes of balloting. Second, so we don’t continue to have this type of attempts at political game playing, I’m going to explain for you and everyone else who may decide to call into question whether a group or their members actually participated in this process or not, exactly where these types of posts are disingenuous.

    Each affiliate group was sent an email to send out to their members on July 27th, with a follow up on August 5th regarding the conferencing period and access to the information and interviews.

    Each affiliate group was sent an email to send out to their members on August 7th with a follow up on August 9th regarding the balloting for this endorsement. In addition, the National Affiliate Group Director placed a phone call on August 10th to ensure the information had in fact sent the information to their members. In the case of Shelby 912 specifically, she was indeed able to speak with the authorized leader according to the affiliate group agreement they signed. I will not include names as we believe in confidentiality of our members and affiliate group members.

    As a result, we know based on our records members of these groups did indeed register on the website, listen to the interviews, and vote on this endorsement.

    To end any further issues, please see a copy of the affiliate group agreement each group has signed below.

    Thank you for your feedback. We hope this ends the issues regarding this endorsement and participation of iCaucus affiliate group members.

    Affiliate Group Agreement

    As an affiliated organization you have reviewed iCaucus and understand what our organization’s mission is.
    We agree to work together and promote each other’s efforts.
    As an affiliated organization you and your membership agree with the Principles of iCaucus. Our goals are to respectfully stand for Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Adherence to the Constitution, and representation of the people to government, not government to the people.
    As an affiliated organization your organization, contact information and logo will be listed in our affiliate group section; you will also have your own blog page on the website and can advertise on iCaucus TV (when available) at a reduced rate. We will also provide you with an iCaucus Affiliate Group logo for your use.
    As an affiliated organization you will be able to participate in the vetting process and will be provided notification of candidates who have completed our vetting process and are eligible for endorsement. iCaucus will send out a notification to your designated person with a link to review the candidate(s) that can be sent out to your members. Your members will need to sign up on the iCaucus website to access the interviews and to receive a ballot. In addition this will give them access to your organization’s Affiliate Group page and to the rest of the website. We believe in the dual membership policy, our members can join any other group and we welcome members from other groups to also join with us.
    While iCaucus is here to share with all like-minded individuals, organizations, and groups, monetary and intellectual resources were used to create our process and procedures. It is mandatory that these proprietary procedures are maintained within our organization. As an affiliated organization you agree to not duplicate, copy or in way mirror these proprietary procedures of iCaucus. We, in turn, will not use any of your proprietary processes, procedures, and information without your consent.
    As an affiliated organization you agree to not undermine or defame iCaucus in any manner. Any and all grievances that may arise will be brought to the attention of the Executive Board (President: Dara Bailey –; Vice-President: Stephanie Jahn –; Acting Secretary: Mitzi Fortune – The Executive Board will take any appropriate action with these grievances. If a resolution cannot be reach, both parties will part ways with the agreement that neither will discuss the grievance with others.
    We look forward to partnering with your organization or group to further advance the Constitutional representation in our local, State and Federal Government. iCaucus focus is on the Fiscal issues; we believe that our vetted and endorsed representation with the Principles listed will enable us to achieve a restored political process that promotes individual responsibility and a more free republic.
    Filling in the information below and returning it to the e-mail indicated constitutes a contract between the organizations named below and iCaucus.
    Name and location of Organization:
    Name of Authorized Leader :
    Organization’s Contact Person Name:
    Contact’s Phone #:
    E-MAIL THIS FORM TO: Mitzi Fortune
  • commented 2013-08-16 23:17:33 -0400
    The Shelby 912 Tea Party listed on this endorsement had NO involvement or consultation in and directly disavows any connection to it. It causes pause to question the motives of Dr. Greg Brannon or iCaucus, or both.
  • commented 2013-08-16 13:14:01 -0400
    Mr. Isley, first our records show you in Pennslyvania. If that is incorrect, I would suggest you change your information to reflect your current city and state. Second, the wording in the press release was not quite accurate and is being revised. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Third, iCaucus credibility has remained intact as a vetting and endorsement process due to invitations to ALL potential candidates in every race. In this case, each and every one was invited into our process and either did not respond or declined to participate. My question to you would be why you would want to support any candidate who chose not to respond or declined the invitation to be vetted by the citizens based on Constitutional, Fical, and Limited Government principles. As far as our credibility, your statement is not accurate. As a matter of fact, we are gaining additional grassroots groups every day. This endorsement process and the successes from 2012 are the main reasons for this. iCaucus strives to keep open communication with it’s members and affiliate group members and as such will respond to questions about any endorsement, however we do ask all of our members to refrain from attacking with vitriol & without facts on our website. Thank you again for your feedback.
  • commented 2013-08-16 12:51:29 -0400
    Mr. Jones; If you would please re-read this press release, it says your specific groups participated in the process, not that they endorsed. Not all conservative groups are able to actually endorse, therefore they participate in a vetting and endorsement process with others. As a member of your specific group, you were invited to participate in the balloting through your specific group’s leadership. If you did not participate, or did not receive such notice to participate I invite you to have that discussion with the leadership of your respective group.
  • commented 2013-08-16 09:15:38 -0400
    Ohhhh nooooooooo… this is not the iCaucus I once knew :( I am a Citizen of North Carolina and an “informed”, “high information” voter and I haven’t endorsed any candidate, declared or not, for US Senate. In my humble opinion iCaucus has done an injustice to the good citizens of North Carolina by stating, “The citizens of North Carolina… voted 100% to endorse Dr. Greg Brannon, candidate for Senate in North Carolina, 2014.” I am positive that I do not stand alone as a North Carolina citizen who does not endorse Dr. Greg Brannon. Many of us are still vetting candidates and prospects for this important Servant to The People. I also believe iCaucus has damaged their good name and the good work they have done in the past. I believe iCaucus’ credibility has been seriously damaged amongst the many TEA Party and Conservative groups across our great state. Shame on you iCaucus for using your ability to publish a statement that isn’t entirely accurate. You “were” better than this.
  • commented 2013-08-16 07:30:45 -0400
    The Rowan County TEA Party has not endorsed any candidate.
  • commented 2013-08-15 21:00:29 -0400
    I thank God for Greg Brannon. I thank God for iCaucus. I thank God for patriotic citizens who haven’t given up. And now, Lord as we humble ourselves before you, as we turn from our wicked ways and seek your face, we pray that you would grant us your favor and aid.