Legal Definition of Misprision of Treason

Misprision of treason is something none of us were aware of until the research was in process on treason. When we found this information, it was actually quite shocking to look at the definition and the case law attached.  We believe not many citizens are aware of this and wanted to bring the information out in a meaningful way.  Hence this article is dedicated to only that subject.  You can find the article on the Legal Definition of Treason Here.

Misprision of Treason is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary as:

“The bare knowledge and concealment of an act of treason or treasonable plot, that is, without any assent or participation therein, for if the latter elements be present the party becomes a principal.” 


This is where we need to be very careful to understand what this is saying, “Knowledge and concealment of an act of treason or treasonable plot, even without assent or participation”. It can be said then that:

If someone has knowledge of an act of treason or a treasonable plot, as defined in Part 1, even if they don't agree to be part of it or participate in it, they are just as guilty as the person committing the treason or treasonable plot.

If you believe that, under the legal definition of treason, anyone in the government could be brought to justice, you have to wonder to whom this could apply.  Could it apply to other officials? Could it apply to media that ignores truth and covers up facts, instead choosing to accuse law abiding citizens of things they haven’t done?  Could it apply to political party(s), who either fail to properly vet a candidate ensuring they comply with all Constitutional provisions or are complicit in having a candidate with an agenda to weaken this Nation or transform it?  Could it apply to any Representative at any level of government who sacrifices our Constitution and/or their Oath of Office to implement items contained in a treaty that has not been properly ratified which puts control in the hands of an international agency, thereby further weakening our Nation’s ability to protect itself?  Those that could be classified as complicit in any legally defined treasonous activity could be classified under this definition.

These are the questions all Americans regardless of political affiliation or any other dividing line should be asking.  At what point to we begin holding all of these people accountable?  If you believe based on Part 1 of these articles, there is a case to be made for treason, then how many can also be held accountable under Misprision of Treason. Under the law, to include CA Penal Code, they can be charged as if they had committed an act of Treason.   When do we, as American citizens, begin to put the pressure needed to protect our country from those who have sought to destroy and/or weaken the Nation?  When do the Representatives who are working for We The People take a stand and begin to make examples?

Even though we began this research to answer questions pertaining to the federal government, we urge everyone to also take a look at all levels of government.  Apply the same standards under both of these articles.  Look at each Representative individually at all levels of government and determine where they stand in relation to these legal definitions. As noted above, there are Constitutional and State Penal Code references to all of these definitions. 

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