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9 A.M. EDT, June 25,2013

 Members and Affiliates Hold Their Representatives Accountable for Their Vote

Cheyenne, WY, June 25, 2013:  iCaucus endorsements are provided based on the will of the citizens of those districts. They are in effect only until the Citizens of the District decide to revoke their endorsement and support of a candidate or Representative. Currently, there are nine (9) endorsements being reviewed by the citizens of their district. This review is taking place on what most considered the final straw piece of legislation H.R. 1947, The Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013.  The citizens demand of their Representatives, regardless of Party, that they perform at the highest level possible in order to protect Constitutional and Limited Government Principles as well as Fiscally Responsible principles.

This legislation has brought two things to light.  First, it is a very good example of what is wrong in Washington D.C. and how they operate in the legislative process. Second, it brings forth an agenda of National & International Control, coupled with the discriminatory result of picking winners and losers in the legislative process based on special interest groups of any kind.

The first was brought to light with the seven (7) pages of other laws, agencies, and programs listed in this piece of legislation, which can be found at .  This is regardless of the spending. How do they even know for sure what the consequences of the legislation are when there are 75 different laws and 169 programs & organizations referenced in this Bill?  This shows a systemic problem in how they legislate out of Washington DC.  More detail will be made available at our website.

The second issue is the end result of Progressive Policy from both sides of the aisle. These policies (Mostly from 1991 & 2008 Laws), quite clearly show a pattern of National and International control of our National and Natural Resources, in many cases ceding authority over to international agencies.  In addition, there are discriminatory funding practices that encompass race, age, and language proficiency.  It also subsidizes some commodities and business but increases regulation and fees on others.  When are we going to stop the damage being done to our economy and our Nation?  The time is now according to the citizens who worked to elect many of these Representatives.

While there were various reasons why both sides of the aisle didn’t like this Bill, the issues that most Americans should and are concerned about are the ones not being talked about by anyone, including the Representatives themselves. While the participants of iCaucus are holding their Representatives accountable, isn’t it time the rest did the same?  This Bill or similar will be brought back up for discussion, it’s time we get the truth before they pass the Bill.




H.P. 1047 Referenced Acts and Laws

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  • commented 2013-12-23 14:54:08 -0500
    Thank you
  • commented 2013-07-04 10:42:35 -0400
    This is why I like ICaucus process as they hold their elected rep. accountable as to their voting.