Americans Speak Directly to Iranian Citizens: Fight To Take Your Country Back

iCaucus was founded on the principles of speaking and exposing the truth, following the money, and holding our representation accountable to We The People of the United States.  In keeping with that mission we educate and hold our representatives accountable on the issues, including foreign policy.  The following press release and statement was approved by 85% of iCaucus members and affiliate group members through a voting process in keeping with our bylaws. Whenever a government fails to represent it's people, it is incumbent upon the citizens to take action on their own effectively bypassing the government.  It's important to note that the "apology" contained in this statement is not an apology for America, but an apology based on interference the Progressives in our government have perpetrated on the citizens of another country. The very same Progressives from both sides of the aisle that have sought to remove our Constitutional freedoms.  

Why is this important? For two reasons;  First, contrary to the biased media who blasts us with video of demonstrations chanting "Death to America” and burning American flags, according to our sources the majority of Iranians want out from under their oppressive theocracy and would rather have America as an ally. Second, what effect the Iranian people have against their regime affects the rest of the region and us as well. All over the world the citizens have been rising up against the Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, Mullahs, and Muslim Brotherhood run governments. We, the citizens of the United States, have watched our own government back terrorists and terrorist organizations masking themselves as protestors and freedom fighters. There were two exceptions: the Iranian people and the effort to oust President Morsi (proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations) in Egypt. Simultaneously, the Progressives in our country have passed laws that violate our basic freedoms, making the Bill of Rights null and void. Indefinite Detention and drone use on American citizens are some of the most egregious.

The following is what has been released as of today:









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  • commented 2014-06-10 07:48:23 -0400
    we stand with American people to have again free IRAN ( Persia ) THE LAND OF BEUATY AND GLORY AND SCINCE AND CIVILIZATION AND PEACE . im a persian speaking christian living in germany because of the terrorist islamic regime in. my lovly country but i hope wih help our realy freinds in us and israel we will be frree again and we made IRAN again paradise of earth . god sava you. god save USA . IRAN . AND ISRAEL
  • commented 2014-04-27 14:27:56 -0400
    Khomeini was not only lost for Iran but just as well for America , I was a Iranian student since 1976 , I was witness , I think that tape explained very well , the progress that America did during government of Shah of Iran was much grater then Khomeini’s time .The latest worse economy was in 1980 , just after what happened in1979 n Iran ,Shah was our Sheriff in middle east , We gave it to China and Russia , Who did this ?
  • commented 2014-04-27 14:27:45 -0400
    Khomeini was not only lost for Iran but just as well for America , I was a Iranian student since 1976 , I was witness , I think that tape explained very well , the progress that America did during government of Shah of Iran was much grater then Khomeini’s time .The latest worse economy was in 1980 , just after what happened in1979 n Iran ,Shah was our Sheriff in middle east , We gave it to China and Russia , Who did this ?
  • commented 2014-03-08 08:32:36 -0500
    Respectfully, I would like to address everyone who reads these messages particularly people who fight for peace in the world, Americans from all backgrounds and political thoughts, politicians, AND specifically AIPAC and Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu to please not to confuse the name “IRAN” with the “Islamic Regime” which has occupied our country.

    Every time you use the name “Iran” and the “Islamic Mullah Regime” interchangeably, you hurt all true Iranians who are being tortured and hanged every day; who are fighting to free their land and culture from the murderous and terroristic Mullah regime. We Iranians need a change in your thoughts in order to continue with our battle against the Islamic regime and export of terrorism to the world.

    This regime IS NOT Iranian. For 1400 years, since the Arab-Islamic invasion of Persia, the Mullahs have done everything they could to destroy everything that is Persian and Iranian. They have done everything in their power, particularly over the past 35 years to destroy Noruz, our New Year celebration, our traditions, our Chaharshanbeh Suri, our Mehregan celbreation, our language Parsi, our natural environment, our natural wealth, our Zoroastrian religion, our poetry, our Persepolis, and anything that is left from pre-Islamic era, etc.

    There is not a single thread of truth in this regime. You have to know that they have come for one purpose and one purpose only and that is DESTRUCTION on a global scale and specifically the destruction of Iran and its culture. Islam was brought to Iran through crimes, plundering, destruction and killings of Millions of Iranians. That is not the religion of Iranians.

    They speak of “Ommat”; namely Moslems. The never speak of Iranian nation except when they are in trouble.

    Except for Iranians, I don’t think anyone in the world can even imagine how much this Mullah regime hates everything that is Iranian. Their goal is nothing else other than destruction of the unity of Iranians, destruction of our country and division of it into smaller countries (which in fact is also the goal of British and Russian governments and politicians), destruction of our environment, and destruction of our independence in every possible direction.

    Trace the family tree of every single politician and mullah in Iran! None of them is Iranian; they only speak their own Farsi full of Arabic words, sentences, and Examples of Koran. (Refer to Professor Dr. Massoud Ansari books and his programs in Bidari TV and Iran Aryaee TV.)

    Please stop helping them and assisting them to achieve their goals by saying “Iran” instead of the “Destructive Mullah Regime.”

    We Iranians recognize and always have recognized Israel as an independent country, as a free people, and as a peace-loving people. We want our Jewish Iranian brothers and sisters to be able to come back to a free Iran, that is, to their own country and land. We are connected and have always been connected since the ancient times of Archemenid (Hakhamaneshian) times.

    Please stop using the name “Iran” instead of the “Mullah regime!”
    In the hope of peace and a free Iran!
  • commented 2014-03-07 23:35:27 -0500
    On 13 January I had the honor of speaking with Papak Irani about this very issue. I assured Mr. Irani that he had my unconditional loyalty, affinity, respect and support as an American, as a Jew and as a proud Zionist. The Persian People of Iran will rise again because of amazing people like Mr. Irani and the other fantastic Persians who have come to this iCaucus forum to voice your support. In my opinion, you are all brave. You are people of tremendous character. And you are people who I have a dream one day before the end of my life to have the absolute privilege of visiting and sharing a meal in a free and peaceful Persia. A Persia that has lost the hatred and a Persia who celebrates their BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE and their tremendous intelligence, resources and technology that they shared with a world that once fell in love with them. That Persia truly exists and the people of Iran will most certainly rise against the hatred to build and maintain the greatness they once had. I am so confident with your will, passion and hard work, you shall persevere. And I will shed my tears of celebration along side of my Persian brothers and sisters! May God Bless each and every one of you my dear friends!!!
  • commented 2014-03-05 15:19:58 -0500
    In 1971 I landed at Tehran International Airport and started what was to be the most wonderful next 7 years of my live. You see I took a job in Iran with Northrop Aircraft to work on a project to help train Iranians the techniques to repair and overhaul jet engines. In those 7 years years I meet my wife and we were married and my 2 boys were born in Tehran. Those 7 years were some of the most remediable days of my live. The pleasures of meeting so many people of Iran is very close to my heart and I consider Iran as my second country. My love for the people and the friendship of some of the Iranian’s that I meet during those years is something that can never be replaced.

    I had and still have the utmost respect for the Shah and his family. To this day I support and have given talks to groups about the life I lived during those 7 years. The trips we took as a family to the Caspian Sea and to some of the Cities in the Southern part of Iran, those days are etched in my heart.

    Freedom rings in the hearts and Minds of the Iranian People and my heart goes out to them in their quest to be Free from the current regime. “May the Lion walk among you” and the “Eagles Fly” in the sky’s.
  • commented 2014-03-04 12:24:16 -0500
    We can not deny but relaying and trusting Russia on Syria..Iran..and in absence of strong US POSITION OR LEADING FROM BEHIND POLICY!!! THOSE WHO RIDE BEARS instead of having getting together with their buddies for a " beer " session will be always light year quicker and more aggressive…Although you may think we live in 21 century but instruments of power, greed and games of deception still oiled by the 1st century values..desire to be on top…It is now Russia’s turn to reclaim its spot on the world power stage…just watch the Olympic games and the ending..It was all about Russia’s contribution to the world…Obama is way too straight forward almost like a school kid for Putin..Bear rider..KJB specialist…mix some vodka…women..and the desire to be on the top…makes a one hell of cocktail…sit back and enjoy their ride..!
  • commented 2014-03-03 11:42:25 -0500
    As we have seen over the past few days, the entire situation all-over the world has taken a negative turn. United States and Europe is waking up to the nightmare of Russian invasion of Ukraine. And we will not see the end of it for a long time to come. Our Western politician have been asleep for quite some time now. While, they are waking up gradually, there are few important things that they need to consider immediately and that is the topic of Iran.
    Iran was a strong friend of the West and as long as the Pahlavis were in Iran, the whole world and particularly the Persian Golf region, and the Middle East were stable and to the advantage of the West. But what did we do? The short-sighted Carter administration started its game quite few years before the revolution of 1979 in Iran to overthrow the strongest ally of the West; namely, the Shah of Iran. And he is proud of it too and says that people have to thank me for the next 50 years.

    Why did Carter, the English, the Germans, the French, the Russians, AND even the Chinese planed the Islamic revolution and had their last meeting in Guadelope dividing Iran and its wealth among themselves? (Refer to the book of Dr. Haghighi, I am not sure that there is an English translation, you can attain the book by calling the Iran Aryaee TV) ) Becasue the Shah of Iran did not want to renew the oil contracts with the Western oil companies which was only to the advantage of the West and not Iranian people.

    The interest should have been and should be mutual and both parties should understand that; it is then that we have a stable world. Unfortunately, the West, and particularly, the oil companies have always their own interest in mind and not what the consequences for everyone could be. For hundreds of years, British oil companies in paricular have been plundering and robbing Iran’s oil and people’s wealth without the slightest regards and consideration for humanity and human rights. They still follow that policy among others through BBC Persian. The entire world still does not care much aout Iranian people who are being turtured and hanged on the streets of all towns in Iran. In Islamic perisons all over Iran, girls, women, boys, men and even senior citizens, both men and women are being raped and killed, and the West is silent. I am a person, who has lost family members in Islamic prisons under rape and turture.

    Obama says, we don’t intend to meddle in Islamic regime’s internal affaires. Really? Have you done anything other than that in the past?
    Has anybody heard about what was decided in the meetings of 5 plus one and that kind of nonesense? Why were those meeting not open to the public in front of the reporters? Behind the closed doors, they still are planning how to devide iran and who gets what from Iran’s wealth, oil and gas not knowing that they get nothing by the time Russia is done with its plans.

    The majority of islamic regime’s functionaries if they are not the servants of British government like the former preseident Rafsanjani, are Russia’s servant. KGB has trained the turturers of the Islamic regime and teaching them how to kill people when there are uprisings. Russia has Iran in its stomach and is digesting it piece by piece.

    All politicians of the West, you need to reconsider your unhumanistic policies towards Iran. Know that the Iran is extremely important to Russia and it has been like that for centuries. All you need to do is to read a few history books what kind of crimes both Russia and England have comitted in Iran. Millions of Iranian people were starved and killed during the first World War (exactly half the population) next to being raped by Russians.
    History is repeating itself. We Iranians understand that you think of your own interests in regard to oil, that is your right, but on the other hand, if there is a revolution in Iran against the Islamic regime, you have absolutely no right trying to neutralize that movement.

    If the American people are not aware of the importance of Iran, we are and you politicians are very well aware of the fact as well how important Iran is for the West and what kinds of mistakes you have done in regard to Iran with your wrong policies. Believe me, you have no other choice; sooner or later, you come to this conclusion that YOU need to stop thinking about your greed and be on the side of Iranian people against the Islamic regimes. That is to the advantage of the West. That is your only way out; namely, to have a strong Iran with a democratic government, a free people who decide their own future and who have total control over their own oil, gas, and wealth. Only then can the West stop Russia’s progress towards Persian Golf and access to Western Interests. You want to stop Russia before it swallows the whole West? Support the nationalistic Iranian revolution against the Mullahs’ regimes without any conditions. Do whatever you can to be on the side of the Iranian people and destroy the Mullah’s regimes and Islam in Iran. That is what 95 % of the Iranian people want. We want to be able to breath in our own country. We are the decendants of Cyrus the Great who created the human rights thousands of years ago.

    I in turn and as an Iranian American want my Queen Farah Diba Pahlavi and my Prince and my future Shahanshah back in Iran. Only then can the world be a peaceful place again.
  • commented 2014-03-03 07:49:06 -0500
    i’m an iranian born woman
    please don’t leave us allone
    and thank you for your support.
  • followed this page 2014-02-28 16:36:59 -0500
  • commented 2014-02-28 02:48:30 -0500
  • commented 2014-02-28 01:13:58 -0500
    I salute your members for their moral courage and for admitting the wrongs done to Iranians. Your message will be most heartily heard by majority of Iranians who are discouraged by current administration’s policies. I hope more Americans will join your ranks.
  • commented 2014-02-27 08:46:03 -0500
    Thank you i Caucus and thank you true Americans.
  • commented 2014-02-26 11:44:36 -0500
    I as an Iranian-American thank the organization i caucus for their statement in regard to Islamic regime and their crimes against humanity. We have been waiting for a reaction like this on behalf of American people for 35 years. An entire ancient culture that has lasted for thousands of years is being destroyed, the number of people being turtured and killed is in the millions and yet we do not hear much on the part of world’s governments and human right organizations and particularly almost nothing from the media. If one hears anything at all from the Voice of America being broadcast for Iran in Farsi or BBC, they are all lies and their goal is manipulation of politics in order to keep the Islamic regime in power like they did few years ago with the green movement which turned into a nationalistic movement and was originally just a show for legitimacy on the part of the Islamic government, United States government (Obama), big oil companies, and the British government. Every American citizen who loves the United States like me should know that our Western governments and oil companies have been committing crimes against humanity by keeping the Islamic regime in Iran in power becasue of Iranian oil and natural gas, etc. Compare Iran to a an injured deer that wolfs are pulling with their teeth every single part of its body asunder. They still don’t let go and intend to break Iran and Irnian people into pieces. That Iran has survived so far is becasue of its strong culture of its people.
    All of this will have tremendous consequences for every one in the world.
    I have voted for Obama and I have regreted it. I request from ALL Iranian-Americans who are millions to become a member of i Caucus and never vote for Democrats again unless they prove themselves that they DO understand the pain and suffering of other people and do something for that and are comitted that they do not support terrorist Islamic regimes any longer and are not comitted to bring to power “soft” Islamic regimes in the Middle East as they did in Iran and tried to do in Egypt. There is no such a thing as soft Islam. WE Iranian-Americans and ALL Iranian people are committed to destroy the Islamic regime AND with that the entire Islam in Iran forever. AND we will succeed. It is time for the Western governments to be on the side of Irnian people and put aside their greed over Iranian oil and gas.

    We are millions and we are not Moslems. WE ARE IRANIANS. Our land is under occupation and we will free our beloved. It is time to make use of our rights and voting power!

    In the hope of a free Iran.

    Thank you i Caucus and thank you true Americans.
  • commented 2014-02-26 11:37:33 -0500
    Every government executive power and commitment to advancing human rights , justice and the principle of democratic society is completely high jacked by the strategic developments and short term interest of politicians need to hold on to power one more day..No seems to give a dam about fundamental principles of civil discourse among all citizens of the planet we live on perhaps your organization can help change that . This wonderful gesture towards the people of Iran is a great first step and is a testimony to ever present conscientious that was burn in our collective memory " a document called the "America’s declaration of Independence ". Thank you.
  • commented 2014-02-26 06:44:45 -0500
    I always knew that some good heart people around the world, follow Iranian people’s heart and do understand what was happen to them. It is really hard to lose your country, your family…and your everything because thay have all the power in Iran. I really thank you guys for doing this and opening world’s eyes to see the reality of the nice people of Iran and mirroring there pain and suffer. It might be the time of changing after 3 damaged generation. Thank you.
  • commented 2014-02-26 06:44:04 -0500
    thank you so much we still have hope and try to get back Iran. please keep your movement to aware public and US President to help Iranian on releasing of their country. US government and other communities have to consider breaching human rights by Iran regime beside nuclear program.
  • commented 2014-02-26 05:00:44 -0500
  • commented 2014-02-26 04:40:33 -0500
    Thank you so much for your humanity and directly speaking I am so happy to hear from Americans we will fight to free Iran and save human rights .
  • commented 2014-02-23 22:49:10 -0500
    Thank you so much for doing this. I am going to translate this statement to Farsi and share it with my compatriots through social media and popular websites. WE support this all the way. For the first time I see truthful words and the acknowledgment of a bitter fact that explains the roots of our fall in 1979. To see that you understand and sympathies with our pain and know how and who brought us this misery in 1979, is very relieving. Thank you..
  • commented 2014-02-21 14:21:16 -0500
    Current video of what is happening in Iran: & Our media & that of the rest of the world aren’t covering it
  • commented 2014-02-20 11:45:37 -0500
    Don’t stop, keep up the fight for Freedom.
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