Integrity and the Political Class

Merriam-Webster dictionary on-line defines Integrity as:  (1) the quality of being honest and fair; (2) the state of being complete or whole. When we observe the actions of the national leaders of the Political Class do we see a group that fits either of these descriptions? 

No! It was very clear on the vote on H.R. 2775 (the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014) that the House was split; 144 Republicans voted against raising the debt ceiling by $1T while 87 Republicans and the Democrats voted to reopen the Federal Government and raise the debt ceiling. Those who voted YES are the Political Class, whose loyalty is to their party and themselves, NOT to their constituents. They will do whatever is necessary to get the people THEY CHOOSE elected (after all, "the ends justify the means"). They will also do whatever they must to retain their power and authority over We the People. Their actions show they have no respect for the Republic our Founders established, the Constitution, or We the People. This same mentality of the Political Class flows down to the State and local leadership of the two parties of the Political Class.  

iCaucus and its Citizen-endorsed candidates have been the target of the local Democrat and Republican Political Class since 2010. To counter the lies, deception and innuendo against us and our candidates, we release the facts and Speak the Truth. Recently, the integrity of iCaucus was questioned because of a comment by a Senatorial candidate from North Carolina.  To see our response please click HERE.

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