iCaucus Terms of Service

The iCaucus Terms of Service:

Terms of Service

Terms of Service: As a volunteer you are authorized to post information relevant to the election process of candidates, incumbents, and events. However, we will not condone or allow anyone (a) To spam our members to promote their own group or cause; b) To make negative or derogatory remarks regarding our endorsed candidates, or other members; c) Who does not share our principles and are only on our site to endlessly argue and create strife; d) Who is a Candidates or their Campaign Teams to begin discussions or post about their campaign prior to participating in the vetting process ; d) Sale products without specific authorization in advance by the I-Caucus National Directors.

We expect that our members/delegates are respectful of each other; posts should only be those things that are in harmony with our objectives, as stated throughout this site. We are focused on winning elections with Principled candidates.

All video, audio, training, marketing and any other materials with the iCaucus logo within, are the property of iCaucus, they may not be used for any other purpose than to promote iCaucus and to further our efforts, as stated in the Mission Statement.

iCaucus is a Nationwide organization, we work as a team across the Country, you may not take the information obtained from this website to establish or mirror our efforts outside of our organization.

If you violate these terms of service be aware that you may not receive any notification prior to removing you as a volunteer and any further association with iCaucus.

Please report any abuses to this policy. If the abuse is in your District, contact the District Lead. If the abuse is on a candidates page report the abuse to the District Lead or Vetting Director for your State. If these positions are not filled then the abuse should be reported to the website lead for your region. Contacts for abuse will be listed on the Main State page.

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