Why do people come to America?  Those first arrivals came because of Religious persecution; unable to practice their faith in the manner they believed, they sailed the Atlantic to practice the Freedom OF religion in their Judeo-Christian faith.  Some were sent here, banished for their actions in their own Country; others arrived after sailing the dangerous oceans to find space and Freedom from tyrannical governments and rulers of other Nations.  It wasn't about money or jobs; it was about land and freedom.  The people who took the chance at a new life did so with the hope of Pursuit of Happiness....Land to grow and raise their own food, take care of their families, and have a piece of something to call their own.

Truly nothing has changed except what we have given over to the Government to control.  You see, when you hear people talking about our Founding Fathers, it is above that our Nation was founded on.  Understanding a Nation needed to have laws and rules, therefore a Government, they also knew that it had to be different than what was out there already.  Having a Representative Republic, when all was said and done, made the most sense and it served the idea of MINIMAL GOVERNMENT, with each Citizen having a voice in the Laws and the Leadership of the nation, through Representatives that served them.  These men were just that, men; however their thoughtful, deep, detailed look at what this Nation should be and how to achieve it was nothing less than amazing.  Today, the focus is on the negative of each Founder instead of the intellect, compassion, and sacrifice each brought to the table.  It is most disappointing to have our understanding of them diminished when their stories brings a clear view of how deeply they understood the founding of a Free Nation and all of the pitfalls and challenges that would come.  It's almost as if the Founders have to be discredited in order to undermine the system of government they set in place.  How easy it would be to lose what they created because of greed, power, and outside forces jealous of what was being built.

For decades the people of this Nation took their responsibilities and the hardship of building America to heart.  They worshipped as they chose, but knew that a spiritual foundation in the home was critical to its survival.  They worked hard to build a home, grow their food and create a trade.  They helped their neighbor because it was the right thing to do, not because they were forced to or taxed to do so.  Communities grew and supported themselves through the people working together, not through government funding or interference.  Were there mistakes made?  Absolutely, there were old ideas and thinking interjected throughout the American society and because we are all human.  Wrong decisions were made here and there, however the most creative and well thought out of our system, was our election process.  It was built into our Constitution to regulate when we go down the wrong path.  We The People, the very beginning of our Nation, have the power to remove a representative who has turned away from the people they represent, who take up a position that the people do not want, or let the power of the office feed their egos.  We can remove and replace, which we do regularly.  If you were a good representative and the people in your districts felt heard, you stayed, if not you were voted out.

This is where each one of you enter into the picture.  You see, as Government expanded its power, the people stood up and stamped them down.  However, as we know or should know, there have been outside Governments and supporters of other Governmental systems who have vowed to take down and eliminate our Limited Government and Individual Rights. These are contrary to most other Nations in the World.  Our dominance because of our Free Market System (yes, I said that), made us not only feared but a target.  From a speech Nikita Khrushchev made before the U.N. in the early years of the Cold War. "America will fall without a shot being fired. It will fall from within." This was the goal of many of the World's leaders. With that, they began working from within. As people who supported other systems infiltrated our University system first, they began achieving their goal of attracting young adults who were away from home for the first time and taking them away from the control and values of their parents.  Teaching them those things were wrong.  They were told to throw away the ideas they were raised with, they are not at home anymore and their parents can't tell them what to do or think.  This type of indoctrination was very effective and it was perfected, then expanded.  Look at our University system today....need I say more?  Know that there has been a purpose behind this and it isn't to make young people free thinkers. It is indoctrination to lead our Nation away from the free market and other principles of Freedom.  This has been so successful that the teachers of today in our Junior High, Elementary, and High School educational system are teaching each generation less about our greatness and individual freedoms, and more about other Governmental systems.  Due to these ideas and ideology becoming more and more acceptable, these transformable concepts are finding their way into our local governments and step by step we are losing our Founding Principles.

As we have turned our backs on the rule of law regarding immigration, which was established early on in our Nation, we find our National view of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence diminished and evolving into unrecognizable documents.  Because we are a welcoming melting pot, our Nation draws those from every corner of the World, and every Governmental system in existence, the original intent was to welcome all who wished to participate in our grand experiment, the only requirement was: You must learn our language, support our Constitution, pledge Allegiance to the United States of America, follow our laws, carry your own weight, and earn your citizenship.  As our Government has refused to uphold these laws and has turned a blind eye to the illegal entry of people into America, these groups have grown and have degraded the required allegiance to our Nation and therefore, even furthered the disintegration of our Nation's Founding Principles.  We aren't enforcing the basic laws and ever expanding those who break them, we can only destroy more and more of the very basic ideas intended at our conception.

Through World Wars and Financial power systems our Nation has increased the Government's role in all aspects of our lives. With every piece of legislation and every added bureaucracy we lose more of our individual Rights. We hand over our Freedom and our Finances to a few elite who have found the means to fund their re-election, to garner favor by creating groups and special interests or friends within their districts and as we have witnessed throughout the Nation, provided specific benefits and exceptions for these groups to elicit support.  This is the same thing as "buying votes".  Because We the People, dropped the ball and have allowed this infiltration into our Representative Republic, Free Market system; what was created here has been villainized, degraded, and fundamentally changed into something the Founders would not recognize.  Interestingly though, they all spoke of how easy it would be to lose it through the fog of time.  Well, here we are!  

We are proposing a United Front. A call to action of people Nationwide to remove and replace those elitists with no understanding.  Working together, we can vet, endorse, and elect people to office who know these principles and are willing to STAND on them.  Will you be a part of this?

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    Thank you
  • commented 2013-09-30 12:02:37 -0400
    Thank you for your comments. We actually have several of her lesson plans that with her permission will be reproduced on our site.
  • commented 2013-09-30 10:28:23 -0400
    Absolutely correct! The Constitution has sort of gotten lost in all this, or misrepresented by well-meaning folks on our side who profess to be “experts”. So! We must all learn the founder’s original intent. Only use the founder’s words. A really good source for that information will be at