Assembly District 78

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Barbara Decker

Assembly District 78

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Barbara Decker is the daughter of a U.S. Navy Commander, a wife to her husband Chris for 33 years, a mom, a grandmother, a small business owner, and community volunteer.

She’s anything but a career politician. One of Barbara’s main goals is to create an environment where other young families can live and raise their children as she was able to do in San Diego.

In the state Assembly, Barbara will represent all of us, not just narrow special interests.

Upon arriving in San Diego, Barbara earned her real estate license. She began selling and investing in properties, a business which she continues today. Barbara also has experience in the retail sector, having owned and operated a San Diego sporting goods store with her husband for several years.

As a business owner, Barbara knows what it takes to balance a budget, deal with taxes and regulations and create jobs.

Barbara has always been an active contributor to her community.

She has a heart for our senior citizens and has worked as a hospice volunteer at Grossmont Hospice. She’s been active in our local schools, PTA organizations, Girl Scouts and her church.

Since 1975 Barbara has been working and serving the San Diego community, she will never forget you nor desert you no matter what pressure special interests apply.


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    Yes, you can leave any questions for Barbara Decker. Either she will answer directly or we will contact her for the official response and post it here.
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    Is this where I ask Barbara a question?
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