It's Time For The Cycle of Abuse To End


So, there seems to be a question about whether American citizens are in an abusive relationship with their government, their elected officials, the elitists & lobbyists, and the political parties.  The illustration above encourages individuals to call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline when experiencing these things in a relationship.  This is what they consider abuse, so we are using their own information to make a point.  How many of these things are we experiencing currently in relationships with our political system? Yet no one, not even they, think we are in an abusive relationship or that we are being abused?  Let's look at this, shall we?

Sign #1 - Calling Names or Insulting you

Over the last five years, we have watched individual citizens be demonized by the media, political parties, elected officials, the White House, and both Progressive and "moderate" organizations.  Why you might ask? Simply because they believe in our United States Constitution, the limitations of government contained within, and some fiscal responsibility, as well. They believe our freedoms are eroded by more and more regulation.  How have they been demonized?  They have been called stupid, racist, extreme, terrorists, and on and on. This problem appears to be across the board: Democrat, Republican, and even the minor parties, anyone who may disagree with them on any point. Have we sunk so low in this country?  We would say this definitely qualifies for sign #1 of abuse.

Sign #2 - Not trust you or Act Possessive

We have seen the government progressively take more of our constitutional freedoms, spy on us, institute federal agencies into our local law enforcement, and attempt to disarm us.  We have seen documents that refer to anyone who believes in constitutional principles, owns firearms, are veterans of our military, or believe in biblical values as domestic terrorists and are not to be trusted.  Do any of these apply to Sign #2?

Sign #3 - Try to Isolate You from Family and Friends

Look at this as American citizens, instead, being family and friends. How do they isolate us from each other? We can't trust each other because we are all racists; there is a war on women being perpetrated by one side or the other; equal rights, but where some are more equal than others, class warfare, religion, and any other issue they can find to divide us. The worst part, of course, is that we continue to be complicit in their nonsense as we subconsciously self-identify to assist them in isolating us.

Sign #4 - Monitor Where You Go and Who You Spend Time With

Monitoring is happening, not only by the government, but with organizations and other electronic means, as well.  Let's start with the government, NSA, TSA, IRS, Healthcare, and so on. Every single thing we do is being monitored now, whether on or offline.  Is this the country we want to live in? The one where government knows every communication you have with anyone, every purchase you make, and uses that information for their own purposes? Does the illusion of safety mean more than the lack of privacy? Or freedom?  They are not the only ones; we have seen “leaders” of political activist organizations who camp out and interfere with anyone with whom they don't agree. How do they get that information? They monitor them, of course. Do the ends justify those means? Then, we come to some of the social media and other electronic means of communication. Not that long ago, I found an interesting thing happen on my personal Facebook page. I found that when I accepted a "friend request", I was asked if I knew this person offline. Can this be construed as monitoring where I go and who I spend time with? What about the location posting when using social media from a cell phone or other mobile device? To me, and to so many others, this is totally invasive to my privacy.

Sign #5 - Control Finances or Refuse to Share Money

The economic, social or regulatory decisions of the government are a way for them to control your personal finances. So is the redistribution of wealth.  How you might ask? Regulatory decisions affect your ability to have jobs and/or how much money you make. The social decisions impact how many others are in the job market, wages and taxes, based on what the government says it needs in order to keep things in place. The economic decisions impact everything the job market: taxes, interest rates, inflation (which affects what you purchase) and so on. The redistribution of wealth definitely says they have control over your finances and what you should be able to make, as well as, what keep for yourself. 

The political parties, the lobbyists and even the special interest groups you may believe in, do this every time you donate for them to utilize toward candidates. You know, those who will actually work for the citizens.  They choose your candidates. Then, they tell those candidates and elected officials what they expect them to do. Do you really think they listen to you? Have they shown they do?  Each decision these men and women make have a direct impact on you and your money in some way.

Sign #6 - Punish You by Withholding Affection

Now tell us this... does any citizen in America feel the affection coming from literally any of these people? If you are agreeing with them or financing them, perhaps you do.  The rest of us are being punished by the withholding of affection, sometimes to the point of refusal to even answer a letter or phone call.  It's truly sad how little they think of those for whom they are supposed to be working.  They lie to us daily and they push us under the rug.  No respect for you, no affection.  That is the bottom line.

The following illustration is from an elder abuse wheel.  It goes into even more detail on some of these and adds more. You can do your own reasoning as to how they apply.  We know you are much smarter than they give you credit for.


The questions we ask at iCaucus are these: When are we going to end this cycle of abuse? Are we going to wait until the emotional abuse becomes completely physical?  Are we going to wait until the only way to fight back is to become physical ourselves?  Are we going to fight back against our abusers using physical means? Or, when are we going to stand up now and tell our abusers to take a hike? Most people wonder why people stay in abusive relationships. The answer is this: abusers start off slow, build layer upon layer of abuse, all the while blaming the abused. By the time it actually turns physical, the abused feel they deserve it, are living in fear or don't have the means to leave.  Does any of this sound familiar?  If so, it's time to stand together, as Americans.

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  • commented 2014-06-25 14:14:52 -0400
    Better start acting on this or it will be to late.
  • commented 2014-06-24 23:19:19 -0400
    Wow! Right on target. Please share this with your friends and organizations. A vital message that we all need to hear. We need you, strong, bold, and willing to stand up against the abuses government continues to perpetrate upon us. We need to put government back into its Constitutional box by electing and holding our representatives accountable. Only WE can do that.