A Clean Bill?

We continue to hear the false premise being shouted by the politicians and Mainstream Media the “Tea Party Republicans” are refusing to sign a clean bill, so we decided to fact check the actual legislation and Amendments to see what this “clean bill” coming out of both houses contained.

Here are just a few things we found in both the Senate & House versions of the “clean bill”:

  1. Section 114(b) – Adds additional budget authority for Administrative Cost associated with continuing redeterminations of eligibility & disability reviews in the amount of $469,639,000 in addition to the $273,000,000 also contained in the section.
  2. Section 117 -- Funds an undetermined amount, “up to the rate for operations necessary to maintain launch schedules for the Joint Polar Satellite System & the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite System”.
  3. Section 121 -- Appropriates for the Judiciary – Court of Appeals, District Courts, & other Judicial Services –Defender Services (Public Defenders) at a rate of $1,012,000,000, new spending
  4. Section 126 – Appropriates an addition $36,000,000 for Wildland Fire Management with $15,000,000 being set aside for burned area rehabilitation under the Department of Interior.
  5. Section 127 -- Appropriates an additional $600,000,000 for Wildland Fire Management under the Department of Agriculture.
  6. Section 130 – Amends the National Defense Authorization Act to amend the number of “principal aliens” who may be provided, “special immigrant status” having been employed by or on behalf of the United States Government in Iraq between March 20, 2003 and September 30, 2013, it also extends out the dates.
  7. Section 134 – Appropriates a payment to Bonnie Englebardt Lautenberg, widow of Frank Lautenberg, late Senator from New Jersey, $174,000
  8. Section 135 -- in the House CR funded general operating expenses for Veterans Benefits Administration at a rate of $2,455,490,000 (this was not in the Senate version)

On September 19, 2013, the CBO scored the House CR as having a total outlay of $1,188,850 (written in Millions). Link HERE.  To put this in perspective, the CBO scoring for the CR which funded the government in March for 6 months was $1,271,835 (Written in Millions). Link HERE.  The current CR, would fund our government from October 1, 2013 through December 15, 2013, 2 ½ months.  

The total receipts of the US Government, including the off budget income from Social Security is estimated for 2013 to be, $2,712 (written in Billions).  PDF Here.  Off budget means that just like Social Security payments are not part of the budget, neither should the income for that be included.  However, the game Washington likes to play is that they include the revenue, but never include the actual cost of Social Security Payments out.  That off budget portion of the Social Security Revenue totals $ $673.5 (written in Billions).  That means the total estimated revenue to the Government is actually $2,038 (written in Billions

Quick math:  $2,712,000,000,000.00 - $673,000,000,000.00 = $2,038,000,000,000.00

Total for both CR’s = $2,460,685,000,000.00 for 8 ½ months

Deficit for this alone = <$422,685,000,000.00>

When these Senators, Congressmen, political pundits, and media hosts give talking points about why these “Tea Party Republicans” won’t sign on to this “clean bill”, we need to inform those around us of what the bill actually contains and that the government has never cut appropriations for most of the areas of government, nor do they look at whether these agencies are actually performing the functions they are supposed to and/or are duplicative.  They are being disingenuous.  For instance, the additional appropriations for the Wildland Fire Management listed above.  Can any of you see a reason why 2 different agencies are receiving so much in additional appropriations for the same purpose they already receive funding for?  That is an additional $636 Million. 

None of these things are being talked about by either side.  The only talking point is the ACA. Why? What are they distracting from?  How about the fact that even without the full implementation of Healthcare Train Wreck, they are already spending way over what they have coming in.  How about the truth isn’t something they want the American citizens to know, or trust you with.  Why? They think you want to remain uneducated and only care what the sound bite is on the nightly news. 

These are the real reasons other than the ACA killing jobs, the 40 hour workweek, employers, and our healthcare system; or the fact that taxes also have skyrocketed under the ACA.  These astronomical budget numbers are going to ensure the United States economic system collapses.  This is why we need Fiscally responsible representation in Washington and all levels of government.  This is the reason the Administration is causing the amount of pain they are.  We haven’t even begun to talk about the other issues on what the Office of Management and Budget have shut down that will affect even the revenue streams expected, or the effect globally, that will one of the topics of the next articles. 

Show your support for those who are choosing to stand their ground and let the rest feel the pressure of not telling the truth.

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